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Rid yourself of doubt about your tiles and grout

Cleaning tiles and grout by yourself can be tedious and may cause damage. Count on A1 Commercial Grade Cleaning to take the care needed to restore your tile and grout to like-new condition.

Wipe away your worries about starting from scratch

Are you afraid the mold, mildew, and staining in the tiled areas of your home are so bad that you need to start all over? A professional cleaning from our specialists is the first step for you to take, whether it's your floor, shower or walls.

Why cleaning your tile and grout matters

  • Like every surface, tile and grout is porous and will lock in dirt and bacteria. Soon after, your floor can become a hazardous pool of bacteria and  have odor problems caused by the bacteria feeding and growing on your floor.
  • If left dirty and untreated health problems can occur -- especially, with young children who play on the floor.
  • Other issues include yellowing of the tile’s surface, darkening grout lines. and makeup and product spills in bathrooms.
  • Those factors make it imperative that you use the correct cleaning solution and process, so you don't ruin your tile’s aesthetics. Whether you clean your tile and grout yourself or hire a professional company, regular cleaning is recommended.


What to expect when you hire A-1

Our tile and grout cleaning solution

  • We use a hybrid cleaning solution that works great on residential or commercial floors and hard surfaces, indoors and outdoors. Our products are guaranteed to remove the toughest bacteria, stains, and odors from your tile floors, while making them look like new. Our cleaning solutions are safe for people and pets.


  • We pre-treat trouble areas so the solution will begin breaking down the stains and soiling to prepare for the high-pressure clean and rinse. We use only  the most advanced cleaning products and professional equipment when caring for your tile floors.

Cleaning grout lines

  • After our cleaning, we guarantee your tile and grout areas will be clean, sanitary and smelling fresh because we use a powerful steam cleaning system, special tile cleaning solution and deodorizer.

Tile sealant

  • Your grout can fade or begin to show imperfections over time, aging the look of your floor and bringing down the quality of your living space.
  • A great alternative to re-grouting is an effective cleaning from A-1, followed by a color sealant of the grout lines. This will rejuvenate your tile floors, and give you a polished and uniform appearance. Even if you just want to try a different color to update your home interior design, this is an exciting option.
  • Grout sealant also helps to repel soiling and stains, so it won’t get dirty as quickly. The protective coating on your grout lines makes everyday clean-up easier and keeps the grout looking new much longer!

Call A-1 Commercial Grade Cleaning at 941-661-1220 today for a free estimate on your troublesome tile and grout project.

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