Tile & grout



Steam Clean Tile & Grout

Clean We apply a heavy coat of concentrate onto the tile and agitate the grout by scrubbing it by hand to help break up any dirt prior to steaming the tile and grout with 250 degree water at 1,000 PSI. The cleaning agent is extracted and the tile is simultaneously rinsed leaving your floors looking good as new!

Protect A light coating of sealant is applied to all grout lines. The sealant drys clear creating a barrier between your grout and the everyday wear and tear of your floors: coffee, wine, grease, heavy traffic areas are no problem after sealing your clean grout lines!

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Frequently asked questions

How long before we can walk on the tile after its cleaned.

We recommend waiting 30 minutes after the sealant is applied. If you wish to forgo sealing your tile, the floors can be walked on immediatley.

Do you move furniture?

Yes, our team can move furniture and move back furniture but there may be an additonal charge depending on the size and amount of furniture that needs to be moved.

Do I need to vacuum before?

Our team will always vacuum/sweep your floors before they begin so it is not necessary for you to vacuum before hand.

How do you clean tile.

We mist the cleaning solution onto the tile and scrub the grout lines to agitate and break up any dirt prior to steam cleaning the tile at 250 degree and 1,000 PSI. The water is extracted and the tile is simotaniously rinsed leaving your floors looking good as new!

Do I need to mop my floors after they are cleaned.

The floors are left rinsed, cleaned and like new. It is up to the homeowner if they wish to mop afterwards.

Do you do free estimates?

Yes, we're happy to come out to quote you with a written estimate prior to scheduling a job.

How do you quote a job.

To price a job we take into consideration: size of rooms, soil level, type of flooring, cleaning agents, and amount of furniture that needs to be moved. We recommend receiving a written estimate before scheduling any job.

How often do you recommend professionally cleaing my tile and grout?

Depending on how well you maintain your floors (i.e. sweep/vacuum and mop) we recommend cleaning your tile as needed/every 1-2 years to get the maximum life out of your flooring.

Can you clean hard to reach areas i.e. behind the toilet?

Yes, we have tools and methods to reach all your hard to reach areas.

Can you steam clean the tile in my shower?

Yes, we have a special wand to clean the tile and grout on the walls and floor in your shower leaving your shower looking good as new!

Can I steam clean my floors if the tile/grout is cracked?

Yes, our team will take extra care around the damaged areas making sure not to cause any additional damage.

Can you repair chiped grout?

We do not repair chiped grout but have qualified professionals that we can recommend.

Do you do grout staining?

Yes, we can provide you with a written estimate for this service.